Reading Language Arts

6th Grade Flex Sessions

5.25 Hours Total Required Flex in Language Arts.


  • 1.75 Hours: Conversations on Trending Issues in 6th Grade Language Arts, 3:30 – 5:15
    • This session is required for 6th grade Language Arts teachers.
    • This session will be offered at each building during the first quarter of the school year (see chart below).
    • Register for the session on the staff development catalog.
    • If for some reason you cannot attend the date the session is offered at your building, register for a session at another building.
    • This session will include a discussion of trending issues in 6th grade Language Arts followed by a planning session for the year’s flexible flex sessions.


Name of Building


August 29 Pound 120
September 1 Irving IMC (217)
September 8 Culler 211
September 12 Mickle 206
September 15 Dawes 227
September 19 Lux 419
September 22 Lefler C10
September 26 Park 104
September 29 Goodrich 130
October 3 Scott 313
October 6 Schoo 135


  • 3.5 Hours or 5.25: Flexible Flex Sessions
    • Flexible Flex sessions are tailored to the needs and interests of teams or individual teachers.
      • Sessions will be held at the team’s school (before or after contract time).
      • Topics can tie into data team work, PLC goals, or other best practices related to language arts.
      • The first session will focus on exploring chosen topics and last 1.25 hours.
      • Following the first session, an application phase is completed by each teacher on his or her own time schedule for an additional 1.0 hour of Flex.
      • The final 1.25 hour session will be time to share what occurred during the application phase.
      • A 5.25 option is also available.
    • One person from each building should contact Lori Vossler ( to schedule the first session.
    • When the 3.5 or 5.25 hours are complete, the hours will be turned into the staff development office to be added to teacher transcripts.
    • Suggested topics include:
      • Embedding engagement strategies in language arts.
      • Building differentiation into the classroom to meet the needs of all students.
  • If a teacher chooses to complete 3.5 hours of Flexible Flex instead of 5.25, the remaining 1.75 hours of the required 7.0 Flex hours could be fulfilled by attending one of the following sessions:
    • Reaching Struggling Readers
      • The focus of this class will be to think and learn more about how to provide support for struggling readers in grades 3-6. Engagement strategies will be embedded throughout the session.
        • July 25, 10:00 – 11:45, Calvert Media Center
        • August 29, 4:15 – 6:00, Calvert Media Center
      • Other district Flex offerings from the district’s staff development (Flex) offerings.


Q & A:

Q: What if our team can’t come to consensus on a common time to meet?

A:  More than one session can be scheduled to accommodate schedules.

Q:  Do we have to agree on a topic?

A:  This is about your learning.


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K-6 English Language Arts Curriculum Specialist
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Beth Eberspacher
Administrative Assistant
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