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Meal Prices 2017-2018

Elementary School Lunch
Full Priced $2.35
Reduced $  .40
Adult/Non-Student               $3.55
Second Lunch $3.55
Middle School Lunch
Full Priced $2.55
Reduced $  .40
Adult/Non-Student              $3.55
Second Lunch $3.55


High School Lunch
Full Priced                          $2.70
Reduced $  .40
Adult/Non-Student $3.75
Second Lunch $3.75
Full Priced Elementary $1.30
Full Priced Secondary $1.50
Reduced $  .30
Adult/Non-Student/Seconds $2.15

How to Create A Web Payment Account

The LPS Meal Pre-Payment system allows district patrons the opportunity to purchase meals and deposit money into student cafeteria accounts. Registered users may purchase meals or deposit money for all students in their family at one time and can do this with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards or by using your checking account information.

WebSMARTT (Point of Sale)

WebSMARTT is the name of the district’s cafeteria computerized Point of Sale system and is used at all schools. Each student can access his or her account using their own PIN, which is entered at the cash register as they leave the cafeteria serving area.

Finger Scanning

LPS has partnered with IdentiMetrics to provide finger scanning in our school cafeterias.

A La Carte Pricing