Multicultural Education & Equity

Cultural Proficiency

Cultural proficiency is a mind-set, a worldview, and the manner in which individuals and organizations make assumptions and interact effectively in culturally diverse environments.
– R. Terrell & R. Lindsey, 2009

Cultural Proficiency Committees

Equity Liaisons
Multicultural Liaisons
Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC)

The Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) is a community-based committee created by the Superintendent to give recommendations/advice to help the District in compliance with its Multicultural Policy. If you are interested in being a member of the LPS Multicultural Advisory Committee, please call the Multicultural Office at (402) 436-1605.

Cultural Proficiency Implementation Advisory Committee (CPIAC)
  • Cultural Proficiency Steering Committee


Thomas Christie
Multicultural School/Community Administrator
Phone: 402-436-1604

Russ Uhing
Director, Student Services | 402-436-1650