Multicultural Education

Multicultural Leadership Institute

Multicultural Education in Lincoln Public Schools is described in district policy as:

Multicultural education is the identification, selection and infusion of specific knowledge, skills and attitudes for the purpose of: Affirming the culture, history and contributions that shall include but not be limited to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans; Challenging and eliminating racism, prejudice, bigotry, discrimination and stereotyping based on race; Valuing multiple cultural perspectives and Providing all students with opportunities to “see themselves” in the educational environ- ment in positive ways and on a continuing basis.

To promote and support multicultural education within Lincoln Public Schools, it shall also be the policy and practice of this district to create opportunities to achieve academically and socially in an educational environment in which all students and staff understand and respect the racial and cultural diversity and interdependence of members of our society.

Approved by the Lincoln Board of Education on April 6, 1993.

The district’s plan to implement Rule 10/LB 922 is as follows:

1. Curriculum and Instruction Infusion: This component will identify (a) the curricu- lum objectives related to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans; (b) the curriculum objectives related to human relations; (c) the skills which staff will need to teach from multiple cultural perspectives.

2. Climate and Environment: This component will focus on assessment, improvement and maintenance of a multicultural climate and environment in each building in the district.

3. Staff Development: This component will provide support to all aspects of the multicul- tural effort, including the creation of a foundation multicultural experience which will be expected of all LPS staff. Additionally, the staff development component will create a human relations module focusing on the skills and knowledge necessary to “place special emphasis on human relations and sensitivity toward all races,” a requirement of Rule 10.

4. Assessment: This component will provide ways to review the progress toward the goals of all components of the plan by collecting, analyzing and publishing a broad variety of data.


Thomas Christie
Multicultural School/Community Administrator
Phone: 402-436-1604