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Instruction at Lincoln Public Schools

Dr. Jane Stavem, Associate Superintendent for Instruction

Dr. Jane Stavem, Associate Superintendent for Instruction

Welcome to Lincoln Public Schools and the Instruction webpages.  I am Dr. Jane Stavem, associate superintendent for Instruction. I am proud to be part of a school district that is synonymous with a quality education and excellent programs.

Instruction at Lincoln Public Schools covers a rich and broad umbrella of services – all linked to teaching and learning – that ensure each student here has every opportunity to learn, grow and reach their full potential.

Instruction includes special education and gifted services, library media, early childhood education, federal programs and special student services such as counseling and attendance. Instruction oversees school improvement plans and staff development as well as assessment and evaluation.

In addition, Instruction coordinates curriculum and instruction for all our major subject areas at Lincoln Public Schools: Business, Character education, Career and Technical education, English and Reading, Family Consumer, Health and Physical education, Industrial Technology, Math, Music, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Visual Arts and World Language.

Our goal is to serve every classroom, every child, every day.  We look forward to the 2016-17 school year with great anticipation and invite you to be our partner in learning for all children.

If you’d like to know more about the many services that support our students, please choose a section above.


Dr. Jane Stavem
Associate Superintendent for Instruction | 402-436-1625

P.O. Box 82889
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501

State & Federal Education

Nebraska Department of Education
The department carries out its duties on behalf of Nebraska students in public, private, and nonpublic school systems. The staff of the department interacts with schools and institutions of higher education to develop, coordinate and improve educational programs.

United States Department of Education
The mission of the US Department of Education is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence for all Americans.

Community Curriculum Council

The Lincoln Public Schools Community Curriculum Council serves as a channel for direct communication between parent and community groups – and instructional leadership in our school district. Learn more

Learning LPS – Dr. Stavem’s Blog

Throughout the year, follow me as I continue “Learning LPS.” I will be visiting the many schools and programs across our school district and sharing what I’m learning about the people and places that make LPS a wonderful place to learn and grow. I invite you to learn along with me. You may be new to Lincoln, or you may have been here your whole life. Either way, this will be an opportunity to see the latest in what’s happening and learn some history you may not know.

Visit my blog: Learning LPS.