Computing Services

School Websites: Getting Started

Have you been asked to help maintain a school site? Here are a few steps to help you get going.

1. Create a WordPress Account

If you haven’t signed in to WordPress at LPS before (or aren’t sure), you’ll need to before we can add you as an editor of the school website. Simply go to and sign in with your LPS login and password. If you do this and you already had an account, don’t worry. Nothing will happen — you will not now have two accounts.

2. Become a member of the school site

It’s possible that you may have a person at your school that knows how to add you as a member of the site (any site editor can do this). If you are currently editor-less OR if no one at your school knows how to do this, please have your principal email me at to have you added as an editor of the site.

3. Login and Edit

Assuming that you are perhaps new to WordPress (or at least new to editing a school site), I’ve made the 15 minute video below to walk you through the basics of editing your site. You’ll also want to look at the walkthrough page for more information about school websites.

4. Sign up for Staff Development

We have two staff development courses that you’ll want to attend. The first is a WordPress Basics course and the second is WordPress for School Website Managers.

WordPress Basics is a two hour class that will teach you how to use WordPress. It will cover topics like creating pages and posts, managing your menu, working with widgets and uploading images.

WordPress for School Website Managers is a two hour course that discusses the school websites and provides time for questions and work directly related to school sites.