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Permissions in DocuShare

Every DocuShare object has a set of permissions called its access list (ACL). The access list defines who has what rights to view, delete, or change a DocuShare object. The object’s owner (or any user with Manager permission) can assign and change these permissions.

As the owner of the DocuShare objects that you add to your site, you control the type of access users have to those objects. You can change this at any time.

Levels of Authority

DocuShare provides the following levels of access permission that you can assign to users and groups:

The user or group can…

Useful for…

READER Read (or download) the contents of the object and view its properties and permissions. Sharing a file that you want to maintain control of.
WRITER Everything a Reader can do, plus edit the object’s properties and add new objects, including new versions of documents. Sharing a file with colleagues as well as the ability to revise it if needed.
MANAGER Everything a Writer can do, plus delete the object, and change the object’s access permissions and owner. Sharing complete ownership of a file with a colleague so that they can also change who can see or edit it.


To whom are you referring?

Not all DocuShare users are created equal. There are two Group accounts that you should be aware of.

They are really…

Useful for…

ALL USERS Anyone in LPS who can log into DocuShare. Sharing a document that is appropriate for anyone in LPS to see, but not people outside of LPS.
GUEST Anyone on the planet with a computer and Internet access. Sharing a document with people inside of LPS as well as Internet users outside of LPS.


Edit Permissions to make them work for you.

You must be the logged-in Owner or Manager of the object in order to edit the permissions.

  1. Locate the object whose permissions you want to change.
  2. From the object’s ‘More Actions’ menu at the right end of the file listing, select Permissions.
  3. To change the list of users and groups who have access to the object, click the Change Access List button.
  4. In the Show field, select the type of account you want to search for to display in the Possible Users/Groups field.
  5. Do one of the following:
    1. To find a specific account, enter part of the user’s first name, last name, or username or the group’s title in the Search field. Click the Go button.
    2. To display all accounts, click Show All, or to display your favorite accounts, click Show Favorites.
  6. In the Possible Users/Groups field, select the accounts that you want to add to the access list and click the Add button.
  7. In the Selected Users/Groups field, select any accounts that you want to remove from the access list and click the Remove button.
  8. Click Update Access List.
  9. The Permissions page appears, displaying the new access list.
  10. Check the permission boxes you want for each user and group displayed in the access control list.
  11. Click Apply.