How webcasts are creating options, building skills for students

Victory Haines is the assistant athletic director at Lincoln Southeast High School and oversees the live webcasting team of students called KnightVision. The public can subscribe to the broadcasts (subject to availability) for all high schools in Lincoln Public Schools online –

Why is offering this webcasting important for LSE?

It further connects students and community with the LSE Athletic experience and promotes the great things all our athletes, band and spirit groups are doing to show Knight Pride. It teaches valuable lessons about essential skills in any workplace environment: responsibility, commitment, execution, flexibility, teamwork, etc. In a world where technology is so available and impactful, experience and skills in producing quality work in videos and webcasting is very valuable to students’ futures.

In a world where technology is so available and impactful, experience and skills in producing quality work in videos and webcasting is very valuable to students’ futures.

What have you seen students do that has surprised or impressed you?

I am surprised that many students pick up the technology and the rules/play of the game they’re broadcasting at a very rapid pace.  It is not an easy art to master because your mistakes are there for everyone to see.  Once students get past this and have success, their excitement is contagious.  Also we have had some impressively skilled student editors that have gone on to work with HuskerVision or have received awards for public services announcement (PSA) videos promoting safety.  What has impressed me is how willing the students are to learn, help and teach one another the techniques.  They have even volunteered their own time to help train new students at other schools.

What do you hope to add on in terms of technology that would further benefit students? 

The students have identified software that would allow us to do multi-camera productions using wireless camera apps on iPads, create graphic animations, do instant replay and basically do productions that rival other professional webcasting.  Experience and training with higher levels of technology will definitely benefit the students who desire a career in this field.

Do students have to be interested in broadcasting as a career to enjoy this opportunity?  

No, in fact many students had their interest sparked because they just enjoy making their own videos via their smartphone,  or other cameras and software.  We have current high school students who had no interest in athletics and very little technology experience grow and were hired this past summer as a camera operator for the figure roller skating championships.  Most of our students are involved in other groups, clubs, and activities and they sign up to work events as their schedule allows.  Every little bit helps and each time they work, students get more and more experience in experiencing events from the other side of the camera lens.