TAS Video Tutorials


  • Use headphones attached to your computer to hear the audio from the videos. Any headphones will work (computer headphones, MP3 player headphones, ear buds, etc)
  • If sharing the video(s) with a group, connect speakers to the computer playing the video
  • If the video won’t play, go to My Profile and Settings (at the top of the window) and toggle the QuickTime/Flash setting.  That usually fixes the issue .
  • Note that the size of the font of the TAS system makes it difficult to read what you see on the screen when viewing the videos.  You do NOT need to read the text to view the process that you will follow when using the TAS.


LPS TAS – Time & Attendance System

A. Administrator

B. Custodial and Maintenance

C. Mentor

D. Nutrition Services

E. Office – Exempt

F. Office – Non-Exempt

G. Paraprofessional

H. Reviewer and/or Approver

I. Substitutes – Certificated

J. Substitutes – Classified

K. Teacher

L. Technicians – Exempt

M. Technicians – Non-Exempt