Time and Attendance FAQ

Q:  I am a non-exempt employee that needs to clock on and off each day. How do I clock on and off?

A:  You will need two things to clock on and off with TAS:

1.  An LPS network computer

2.  Your user id and password (just as you would use for your LPS email account & pay check look-up).

Once you have logged onto TAS with your user id and password, you are asked to ensure your name and employee number is at the top of the screen. From there, find Shortcuts, and click on Web Clock.  The Web Clock will come up for you-this is where you will click the ‘Clock On’ button.  A confirmation message will appear asking you if you do want to clock in; choose ‘Yes’. Once clocking on is complete, ALWAYS click on ‘Log Off’ in the upper right hand of your screen.

Clocking out is much the same as clocking on; clicking on Web Clock and choosing the ‘Clock Off’ button. After you have confirmed that you wish to log off, click on ‘Log Off’ in the upper right hand of your screen.

Q:  Where can I Clock On and/or Clock Off?

A:  The employee can use any computer in the building to Clock On and/or Clock Off.

Q:  Do I have to clock on exactly on time? Do I have a couple minutes leeway?

A:  You do have a grace period with TAS. You will have five minutes before and five minutes after your scheduled start time to clock on and have your start time recorded on time. You will also have five minutes before and five minutes after your scheduled end time recorded on time.

~Clocking and your Timesheet~

Q:  I arrived to work on time but was unable to clock on.  Can my Timesheet adjusted?

A: Yes, the approver can make an adjustment to the timesheet to reflect the time the employee started working.  The actual time the employee Clocked On will remain and be displayed in the Clock Data.

Q:  What if the employee is gone on Monday and is not able to approve their timesheet?

A: The Approver can approve the employee’s time.  If the employee repeatedly does not approve their timesheet the supervisor will need to address this with the employee.

Q:  What happens if you don’t clock off at the end of the day?

A:  The system will log you out; however, there will not be any clock data to show the Clock Off time.  The record will display in red so the employee and the approver will need to check the record to make sure it is correct. If the employee repeatedly does not clock off, the supervisor will need to address this with the employee.

Q:  On the screen where I clock on, there is a small monthly calendar that has each week start on Mondays. Why does it start on Mondays?

A: Lincoln Public Schools’ work week runs Monday through Sunday.

Q:  I am scheduled 40 hours a week. What happens to the time I work above and beyond my 40 hours?

A:  One great attribute of TAS is it will count up all of your overtime.  Employees will get paid for any overtime (at 1.5 times your hourly rate) that is approved by the supervisor.  You may choose to turn your work time over 40 hours into compensatory time (1.5 times your time worked) and have it banked. Comp time needs to be pre-approved and mutually agreed upon by the supervisor and employee.

Q: I have earned Compensatory Time, do I have to use my COMP time during the same week that it was earned?

A: No, Compensatory Time does not need to be used during the same week that it was earned.  Compensatory Time may be used at a time that is agreed upon between the employee and their Administrator.

~TAS and SmartFind~

Q:   I arrived late to work.  When I get to work, do I enter my absence in SmartFind?

A:  No.  After the employee Clocks On, the timesheet will show an unpaid absence record for the missed time.  This record can be changed to a paid absence by selecting the appropriate leave type available to the employee.

Q:  Is TAS going to replace SmartFind?

A:  No. TAS will not replace SmartFind. If you currently use SmartFind to report your absences and request a substitute, you will continue to do so.  Any absence that is reported to SmartFind will filter through to TAS for you to see on your weekly timesheet.

Q: When will the absences that are entered into SmartFind roll into the TAS System?

A: Absences that are entered into the SmartFind system will usually roll into the TAS System by 9:00 AM.  If an absence occurs after the employee has started work, the timesheet will be adjusted to include the absence.

Q:  If an absence is canceled in SmartFind, does it cancel it in TAS? 


Q:  Who receives the absence request email and approves the absence?

A: The TAS System has multiple levels of approvers for absences at each location.  This will ensure the absence request is approved or denied in a timely manner.